Strange New England - Lost Glacial Park

Glacial Park Brochure - HistoryNew Hampshire has always had a warm place in my heart. My family and I use to vacation in cottages along Lake Winnipesauke every summer. Places like the Polar Caves, Lost River, and The Flume were some of my favorite stops in the Granite State. Little did I realize that hidden within the deep forest and steep mountains there were similar places waiting to be revealed or rediscovered. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a lead on a place called Glacial Park. My friend Super ‘D’ had suggest we head up to Thornton NH for an adventure weekend. His cousin Bryon is the owner and caretaker of Shamrock motel in Thornton NH and also was an avid explorer. Byron enjoyed hiking the NH forest with his kids and knew of several other interesting sites we could visit. Once the seed was planted in Bryon’s ear, he invited my Super ‘D’ and I to stay up at his motel for the weekend. He promised give us a tour of some of the forgotten sites in NH that he felt would make a great addition to the website.


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Strange New England - B-18 Bomber Crash

Around 8 pm on the evening of January 14, 1942 the residents of North Woodstock New Hampshire were startled by the sound of a crash on B-18 Bomberthe side of Mt. Waternomee. Being so soon after Pearl Harbor, some residents first believed they too were being attacked. Shortly after the crash calls went out to state police, forest service, and civilian volunteers. By 8:15 pm, wearing snow shoes, the first rescue squad began its 2.3 mile climb up the snowy slopes, arriving at the crash site 3 hours later. What they discovered was a crashed American B-18 Bomber.


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Strange New England - The Mummies

When most people think of mummies, images of deserts and pyramids come to mind. On a recent trip to NH, Bryon the owner of the Shamrock Motel mentioned that there were mummies in No. Woodstock NH. Memories of a story concerning mummies that were reburied in New England came to mind. Byron claimed no knowledge of real mummies in NH but that he knew of a curious rock formation from long ago. He explained that ‘The Mummies’ was an outcropping of bedrock that  Crooked Brook carved into what resembled mummies. Though not as admired as ‘The Old Man in the Mountain’, it once was a popular roadside stop for tourists and locals.


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