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Recently we began to produce our own podcast. Though our first podcast is a companion to stories we post, we have plans for a variety of other types in the near future.

Strange History

Episode 0: Strange History Introduction – Blog Page

Episode 1: The Headless Skeleton of Swampton – Blog Page

Episode 2: The Connecticut River Serpent – Blog Page

Episode 3: The Glowing Thing of Moore Lake – Blog Page

Episode 4: The The Glocester Ghoul – Blog Page

Strange New England WPRO Podcasts

I got to sit down with Patrick Austin and talk about some of the stories, folklore and place in New England I’ve found most fascinating. During the interviews, I shared some new stories and new details about places I’ve ventured, along with tips on how to get start as an explorer.

Please head over and check out WPRO’s CuRIous PODcasts


Currently posted are our talks about:

           The Shipwreck H.F. Payton 

           The Dark Swamp’s Resident Monster ‘IT’

           Dragon’s Hole

           The Haunted Mortar

If there are any of our previous adventures you’d like to hear more about in future talks with Patrick, please let us know.


The Charles Rivers Show








Here is our interview on WEMF’s The Charles Rivers Show on Oct 28th 2016. The show also includes an interview with one of the original Wacky Packs and Garbage Pale Kids artists.

Or interview begins at 49:00.