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Minister Rock: 42.009017, -70.962125
Sunderland Ice Cave: 42.500400, -72.538667
Crashed WW II Bomber: 44.008557, -71.781743
Glacial Park Falls: 43.925492, -71.622121
The Mummies: 44.026655, -71.685912
Wizards Glen: 42.488120, -73.184740
Tory Cave: 41.619490, -73.463052
Solitude Rock: 42.001068, -71.018177
Dinosaur Cave: 41.532721, -71.791903
Burnt Swamp Cave: 41.535900, -71.794383
Lighthouse Cave : 41.452631, -71.400250
Bear Den (Sneeksuck) Cave: 41.509533, -71.861750
Oneco Stone Chamber: 41.696017, -71.794510
Lacy\'s Cave: 54.737383, -2.678705
Madame Sherri\'s Castle: 42.864520, -72.519780
Upton Chamber: 42.175813, -71.597917
Symbol Rock: 41.512289, -71.784544
Iron Hill - Cumerlandite Mine: 42.005090, -71.457229
SNETT Chamber: 42.044867, -71.644467
Witch Rock: 41.726287, -70.840256
Holyland USA: 41.546977, -73.029652
Roaring Falls: 42.488967, -72.524502
Shutesbury Monk Cave: 42.506613, -72.409859
Petersham Chamber: 42.489692, -72.144556
Deed Rock: 42.256497, -71.862468
Profile Rock Cave: 41.795789, -71.053570
Dungeon Rock Cave: 42.483571, -70.986102
Swallow Cave: 42.416216, -70.910281
Deadman\'s Cave (Gallo\'s Cave): 41.799479, -71.449328
Copper Hill Gold Mine: 41.984350, -71.447533
Durfee Hill Gold Mine: 41.891680, -71.741190
South Foster Gold Mine: 41.758989, -71.763662
Stump Hill Gold Mine: 41.885405, -71.423563
Ex-Gold Mine: 42.013100, -72.219000
Governor Winthrops Mine: 41.577489, -72.560119
Peace Pagoda: 42.499015, -72.491151
Hermit Cave: 42.009964, -71.805342

We are currently trying to develop a Google map like interface that will operate as an information resource for other explorers and a navigation menu for our blog. Most of the text and images on the markers on the map should bring you to the story about that location on this blog, our Facebook page or our New England Explorers blog. If there is not a story associates with a marker yet, a short story for it will be written soon. During development and design of the Maps Menu will be changing as we test out code and ideas. Please be patient.

Currently we have 30 locations plotted on the map. We will continue to add locations over the next few months, so check back frequently to see whats new. When you click on a marker on the map, a bubble will pop up with the title of the location and an image. You can click on the text or image in the bubble to be brought to the story page for the location. Also at the bottom you should see a Direction link. If you click that, it will open Google Maps with the location plotted, and the directions menu opened on the left. Just enter your starting point to get the direction to a road close to the location. Some hiking will usually be required for most of the locations. The markers are very accurate and marker very close to the exact position of each location