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In the city of Waterbury Connecticut, not far west of Holy Land, is a curious tract of Nearby Swamp - Village of Little People - Folkloreland that is home to a local legend. Flanked by a major highway, private homes and business, this triangle of forest and swamp is not easily accessible. Hidden near its apex are the remains of what has been the inspiration for this lore. The popular name for this spot is The Little People Village but it has also been called The Daemon Village.

There are many different versions of this strange legend but I’ll try to summarize the most common facets of this odd tale.

Long ago, deep in the Waterbury forest, an elderly couple lived alone. The home in which they lived had been built by the old man, and had a very odd construction. Soon after moving into their strange home, the old man began to hear voices. He was not sure where these voices were coming from until one evening when he caught a glimpse of the little people living in the forest. The old man decided to build a small village for these little people to live in, hoping to start a friendship with his new neighbors.

At first things went well, and the man told his wife that the little people moved into the miniature cottages he had build . He explained that they slept in them by day and only came out at night. His wife still had not seen these little people, but humored him since it all seemed harmless. With time though, the old woman The Cursed Alter - Village of Little People - Follorenoticed her husband began acting strangely. Concerned, she asked him to stop building these Lilliputian homes and spending so much time with his imaginary friends. The old man was upset by this and explained to her that they were real and not people, but little demons. He told her that if he stopped they both might be in danger.

The old man continued construction and began building a throne for the king of the demons. Once the throne was complete, he invited his wife to see his fine craftsmanship. Unfortunately, this was just a ploy by the old man to lure her to sit in the throne where he would kill her. The demons had ordered him to consummate the throne with the blood of his wife.

After having killed his wife he began to realize that he was next. The demons no longer needed him and would kill him too. In fear for his life he quickly added bars into the windows of his home before the next night fall, and locked himself safely inside. Unfortunately this did not protect him from the demons. Through the evening he could hear their voices in his head telling him to kill himself. Before daybreak, he went insane and fulfilled their wishes by hanging himself.

It is said that if you drop by the village at night, you can still hear the voices of the demons lurking in the forest.

Ruins of a Home near the village of little people - LegendsAfter hearing such a wonderfully odd story, I had to visit the village. At the time, I was accompanied by Adam Grossman (aka Isaac Dolom) of the now defunct podcast Dailysonic. We had just visited Holyland and decided to try and locate the village to top off our day.

When we arrived, I noticed there were only two points of access. One was a driveway for a business and the other a home. Both had ‘No Trespassing’ posted everywhere. Determined to see the village, we approached the home to ask permission to cross their property. To our surprise the family inside was more than pleased to give us a tour of the village.

As we walked through the junkyard behind their home, the woman and young boy began to tell us about how they had seen satanic rituals had taking place at the village. They also mentioned how they would not go to the village at night since they had seen demons lurking in the swamp behind it.

Once we arrived at what was said to be the home of the elderly couple, I quickly noticed that though it was oddly constructed from stone and slag as mentioned. It didn’t appear to be a home. Closer inspection of the building lead me to believe that it had been a gas/service station.

Once we passed the home, we came across the first miniature cottage.

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