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Since 1923, the Appalachians have been believed to be the stomping ground of what some people call Devil Monkeys. Though they are thought to lurk in the Toy Monkey- Legends mountains, every so often they are seen venturing into suburbia. They are described as between three and eight feet in height, with baboon or dog-like snouts, and dark black hair. These hostile primates are said to sport long claws, pointy ears and white hair from neck to belly. What makes those who have witness them so frightened is not only how out of place they appear, but that they have been reported to attack and sometime kill, small game, livestock and dogs.

In Sept of 2001 the small town of Danville, New Hampshire was terrified by one of these large black primates. Fire Chief David Kimball and eleven other people witnessed this hairy beast near Pleasant Street and Kingston Road. The monkey was said to have jumped into the middle of the street, hopped a bit, and then lunged away as Kimball drove down Kingston Road. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Kimball said. He later described the creature as being a black monkey, measuring about eight feet long from his tail to his hands. He said it was very woolly and dark brown all over with a red hue. After viewing a program on the Adventure Channel Kimball believed that he had seen a Humboldt’s woolly monkey, which is native to the Amazon.

Pleasant Street resident Vivian Wicker, claimed to have heard the monkey hollering. “It wasn’t a sound I had heard before,” said Vivian. She described it as a hooting or a strange howling sound it made every couple of minutes.

The residents of Danville were said to be “getting very nervous about the eight feet.” On Sept 9th search parties were formed to seek out the Devil Monkey. Devil Monkey - FolkloreThough it was never found, it drew the attention from the national media. A human interest story was filmed and had been schedule to air on the ‘Today Show,’ but it never did.

Some believe it was a feral monkey that was abandoned by it owner or escaped from a zoo. Since 2001 there have been no further sightings, but some believe it still dwells in the safety of the Appalachian Mountains.

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