Strange New England - Green People

Geepers and I were settled at an eatery in Coventry RI reviewing our plans for a quick recon for one of our investigations. Our conversation quickly drew the attention of some of the locals. Having over heard pieces of our conversation, they were curious as to what we were all about. Cautiously we explained what we did and after a few confused stares and shared chuckles, their own personal stories began to surface. One particular tale that caught our attention concerned a strange family.

During the 70’s there was a family that lived in Coventry RI that were known as “The Green green_peeps 3People.” Their home was rundown with cars and junk of all sorts scattered across the yard.  Their standard of living alone made them the butt of many jokes from the local teens. The strangest thing of all was the faint greenish color in their hair and green tones in their skin. High school teens would often venture to the house for a chance to get a peek at these odd characters. Many of these excursions would involve daring a friend to run up and ring the doorbell. All too often one of the Green People would end up chasing the kids off their land while threatening them if they were to come back. There were many fantastic explanation for their odd coloring but nobody certain. Eventually, the family seemed to vanish. The house was leveled long ago and all the trash in the yard removed.

No one really seems to know much more about these strange locals nor what had happened to them. Though the story sounded a bit odd it really didn’t come as a surprise to me.  I too had seen people with greenish tones in their hair. The coloring was caused by a high copper content in the well water they used. Since the “Green People” lived in the back woods of Coventry I can only assume that they  may have also used a well water with a heavy copper content. Drinking and bathing in it combined with their filthy life style most likely would have produced an even more intense result. Then again, maybe they were leprechaun, trolls or even aliens from another world. Unfortunately we’ll never really know the truth about the Green People.

~ Strange New England


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